Beltana Round table

10 year structural warranty

For lacquer based finished tables: 2 pack Polyurethane and 2 pack acrylic finish.
Wipe after use with a damp rag in the direction of the grain to remove finger prints etc.
Best to use a clean dish cloth with warm water and a spot of detergent. Squeeze as much water as possible from the cloth before wiping.
Dry with a soft cloth again in the direction of the timber grain.
Do not use waxes or oils with lacquer finishes.

For Hard wax oil finishes:
Same as for lacquer finishes.
Use Osmo hard wax oil cleaner for spot fixing light scratches and marks. Follow directions.

Beltana round table is available as a Fixed round table or the versatile butterfly leaf extension table.  The solid timber top is supported by a 42mm solid timber frame and internal cross rails. Beltana tables are built to last. The hand turned column is mortised and attached to the legs with socket jointed tenons. Further strengthened with a steel strap screwed under each of the 4 legs.  The dining table pictured is constructed of Tasmanian Messmate timber. Customers can select from a wide range of timbers and timber stains from our range or matched to a sample.

Also see The Beltana extension is a very popular table. When closed it is a compact 1200 mm diametre and when needed will extend to a 1700 x 1200 mm oval.

T59 Beltana round fixed table
1200mm diameter solid timber top.
Height top765mm
Height under rail700mm
C86 Aldgate chair
Side support underframe
Seat Height505mm

Also Available

Beltana Round Extension table
1200mm diametre ext to 1700 x 1200mm with Butterfly leaf

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