Melrose Bookshelf (Free Standing)

For nearly fifty years, we have been designing and making furniture from solid timbers. We began in a farm shed in 1972 when our father, John Pfitzner, decided he had seen enough poorly made, disposable furniture. Our furniture is now available through our Norwood store and our factory showroom in Littlehampton. We’re a true South Australian family business, owned and operated by brothers Andrew and David, and our sister Belinda manages the Norwood store. Together we develop the designs and manage every aspect of the product design and quality.

Plus, since 1999, Pfitzner has been home to Adelaide’s largest range of luxury Norwegian Stressless comfort recliners and sofas, and we’re also the destination for premium outdoor furniture from internationally respected garden furniture brands such as Vincent Shephard, Cotswold, & Roolf.
If you look underneath or inside the top drawer of any piece of Pfitzner Furniture, you’ll find our original logo. This is now our Guarantee of Quality seal. We like to think that decades, and possibly even centuries – from now, your family will still be enjoying our furniture.

And we keep our focus on practicality. If there is a drawer, we make sure it’s big enough to be useful. If it is a dining table for six, it means six people can dine comfortably without banging elbows. Or an entertainment unit, we design and make it to suit your components and media, so you won’t have to store your vinyl records in a milk crate. And if it is one of our beautiful beds, there are no sharp edges to catch your fingers on when you tuck in the sheets.
You can’t beat the old ways of individually ‘bench-making’ furniture. Each of our craftsmen works on just one piece at a time, whether an entertainment unit, a table or an armchair, and gives it their full attention ensuring perfection from start to finish.

Using time proven traditional methods like mortise and tenon joints and dovetail drawers, our eye-catching designs are hand-carved and hand-finished; contrasting timbers are used for borders and inlays. The details are precise, balanced and elegant, setting them apart from those of mass-produced items.
From our family to yours. All Pfitzner hardwood furniture comes with a written 10-year structural guarantee. So you can take comfort and enjoy your beautiful furniture with peace of mind that if there is a problem, we will fix it. And that is why our furniture becomes family heirloom pieces, enjoyed for generations.

10 year structural guarantee

For lacquer based finished tables: 2 pack Polyurethane and 2 pack acrylic finish.
Wipe after use with a damp rag in the direction of the grain to remove finger prints etc.
Best to use a clean dish cloth with warm water and a spot of detergent. Squeeze as much water as possible from the cloth before wiping.
Dry with a soft cloth again in the direction of the timber grain.
Do not use waxes or oils with lacquer finishes.

For Hard wax oil finishes:
Same as for lacquer finishes.
Use Osmo hard wax oil cleaner for spot fixing light scratches and marks. Follow directions

Introducing the Melrose Bookshelf, a stylish and versatile addition to any living space. Crafted with attention to detail, this free-standing bookshelf boasts a sturdy plinth base for stability and durability.

One of its standout features is the adjustable timber shelves, which allow you to customise the shelf heights according to your storage needs. Whether you’re displaying books, decorative items, or personal mementos, the Melrose Bookshelf effortlessly adapts to accommodate items of various sizes.

You have the option to choose between two premium materials for the shelves: 22mm solid timber or 25mm veneer. This allows for a durable and long-lasting construction that can withstand the weight of your beloved books and belongings.

With a range of finishes available, including the warm hues of Tasmanian Messmate, the rich tones of Blackwood, the timeless elegance of American Oak, and the classic allure of Mahogany, you can select the perfect finish to complement your existing décor or create a striking focal point in any room. Custom 2 pack paint finishes are also available for those who want to match an existing wall in their home or office.

For those with specific requirements, the Melrose Bookshelf also offers the option for custom orders, allowing you to tailor the design to your exact specifications. Whether it’s adjusting the dimensions, incorporating additional features, or selecting a unique finish, our craftsmen will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

To enquire about this bookshelf or request custom options, please contact Pfitzner Furniture on 08 8391 0492 or email us at factory@pfitzner.com.au. The price shown above is a guide only. Pfitzner Furniture can provide a quote upon request based on your requirements.

BSH30 - Melrose Bookshelves - single, 7 shelves
BSH31 - Melrose Bookshelves - double, 14 shelves
W1500 mm
BSH32 - Melrose Bookshelves - low single, 2 shelves
W1000 mm
BSH33 - Melrose Bookshelves - low double, 4 shelves
W1500 mm

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