Stressless Sunrise (Large) Leg Comfort


With its classic design, Stressless Sunrise gives you just what you need when sitting down. Perfect comfort. Every Stressless is in fact a mechanical precision instrument, packed with patents and functionality just to provide you with the world’s best sitting comfort.

The Stressless Sunrise Recliner is one of our most popular soft sit recliners. With contours that are softly rounded, yet surprisingly sophisticated, the Sunrise offers plush seating for any room. Having a full 360° swivel feature coupled with our patented Glide™ system, the Sunrise responds to, and works with the motion of your body to provide unparalleled comfort.


The footrest is elegantly hidden under the seat and revealed through touch sensitive buttons. Its length can also be adjusted so that it suits everyone.

Classic Brown Base

Batick Black Leather

$2,870 (30% off)
SAVE $1,230 WAS $4,100
Stressless Sunrise (Large) Leg Comfort
Seat height47cm

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